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Stop-Drive by Mercedes, AMG G63 4×4² Recall

Mercedes! A brand known for its elite and top-rated cars hits a class action for one of its variants. The SUV model AMG G63 4×4² faces a critical issue of cracks in the Rear differential Housing, which dragged the company to a recall. Let’s understand the issues in detail.

G63 Model Recall Details by NHTSA 

Even though this Mercedes variant was a huge success, a major fault in the car turned the tables. Car owners claimed problems with the AMG G63 4×4² Rear Differential, so the company has issued a recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) allocated 22V-937 as a recall number, confirming that 278 consumers had faced this problem in the mentioned Gelandewagen version. G63 4×4² cars manufactured between July 13 and October 21, 2022, were reported defective. Despite the small scale of the recall, the company prioritized the risk posed by the deformation since it was so substantial. Due to the nature of the deformation, owners did not receive any notice of the differential housing issue, but the dealers were addressed.

Problems Reported By the Customers

The cost of maintaining a premium car equals the cost of acquiring it. Mercedes AMG G63 4×4² owners have faced a problem with this G-wagon model and reported it to the company in 2022. Unfortunately, the latest squared version of this super-SUV, equipped with portal axles, is experiencing the problem. Users have reported the following issues:

  • Rear Differential Housing Problem: The fractured rear differential causes difficulty for users, resulting in the loss of power to the back wheels.
  • Leakage Problem: Some car owners experienced oil leaks on the road and difficulty in gear operation. A whining noise from the gear mesh was also reported.

If you have observed these symptoms in your car, do not take them lightly!

Company Response – Stop-Drive Orders by Mercedes

Mercedes is a well-known car company that has been dealing in cars, trucks, and G wagons for almost a century. As the problem arose in its AMG variant, the company responded immediately and started the tests at its headquarters. After detecting the issues, Benz issued the stop-drive orders.

The company stated two scenarios while explaining the defect. The milder case results in fluid leakage – the Mercedes-Benz officials stated. And the rear differential housing of the G63 4×4² shows strength problems that might be due to “potential process deviation at a supplier.” The rear differential might crack on everyday rides, causing oil leakage and risk to other motorists. On the extreme side, the housing can completely break and stop the power transfer to the rear wheel, halting the propulsion of the back tires.

For the customers’ safety, Benz issued a recall and requested every owner to reach their nearest dealer to get their car checked. Dealers were asked to inspect the problem and replace the rear axle if needed. The company provided ease by making the loading and towing of the car free of cost.

Final Words

The rear differential housing crack is a major defect in such premium vehicles. If you have noticed the same issue in your vehicle, you are not alone. Experienced attorneys at the Lemon firm have successfully recovered compensation for our clients who purchased vehicles with manufacturing defects. We can assist you too. To talk to a Lemon Law expert right away, dial (833) Lemon-firm.