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Mercedes Lawsuit: 48 Volt Battery Problem

Imagine you have an important meeting, but your new Mercedes won’t start. This is exactly what happened to a customer when she parked her Mercedes-Benz CLS without any lights or electronics on. After a few hours, the 48-volt battery was drained completely.

If you are a Mercedes owner and experiencing 48-volt battery problems, you’re not alone. Many owners are facing other issues related to the battery such as the car being unable to start, shutting off while in motion.

Mercedes owners are claiming that 48-volt batteries in their vehicles are dying unexpectedly and leaving them without their cars for weeks.

Affected Mercedes Vehicles

It is found that 48-volt battery problems occur mostly with the E-, CLS- and GLE-/GLS-class vehicles model year 2019 and onward for the sedans, and model year 2020 for the SUVs. The investigation isn’t limited to only these models and inspecting all cars with the 48-volt mild hybrid system.

Symptoms of Mercedes 48V Battery Problems

There are many reports of different issues related to 48-volt battery systems. However, the most common issues are no starts and vehicles shutting off in motion.  Drivers say that these problems occur randomly even with a brand-new car with less than 50 miles.

Additionally, vehicles that are towed to the dealership often take several days to diagnose the problem. Some owners are stuck with paying for diagnostics, software updates and even battery replacements.

Mercedes 48 Volt Battery Malfunction: What Are Mercedes Drivers Saying?

“My 2021 E450 All-Terrain wagon is on its third 48-volt battery. The first battery failed after 15 days and 196 miles. The second battery died after 30 days and 535 miles. The third and current battery is still alive and well after 5 months a little over 3,000 miles, but my confidence still hasn’t been restored.” — LONGROOF45, MBWORLD.ORG

“My car is a 2021 E 450 All Terrain with approximately 6,700 miles, delivery taken at the end of March 2021. It would not start 5 days ago while parked in the garage and had to be flatbed towed to the dealer…As of today, my car has been with dealer for 5 days, and other than confirming it would not start due to a faulty 48v battery, I have received zero support from the dealer. I am without a car (no loaners are ‘available’) and they have given me no information on how long my car will be out of service. I can’t even get them to confirm that Mercedes has authorized a battery replacement.” — JAYST, MBWORLD.ORG

“I had my battery replaced last week. My car only has 152 miles on it. I sincerely hope that the new battery does not fail. I’ve also got some creaks on the door panels. My faith in MB is way down. The fact that MB Denver has done 60 of these replacements already tells me MB has a known issue on their hands and is doing nothing. That’s a real shame in my book.”


“I received my pre-ordered 2021 E 450 Cabriole on December 28, 2020. After one week, the car without warning wouldn’t start and had to be towed into Ft. Lauderdale. Since then the car has been in the shop. We have been waiting for the delivery of a battery and no one seems to be able to locate a battery. This 48v battery located in the trunk is unique to the 2021 model year, and apparently no spare parts are available especially critical parts needed for the operation of the vehicle. Very sad to pay $80,000 for a new car, and not be able to use the vehicle for an unknown period of time.” — P. MOORE, BENZFORUM.COM

“I just had my brand new GLS have the same 48V battery malfunction for the second time since I bought it. It doesn’t even have 10k miles on it yet. The first time I got the 48V battery malfunction light on and within 2 minutes the car would no longer accelerate. Mercedes said it was a manufacturing problem to do with the grounding of the 48V battery in the engine…that there was ‘paint’ in the way and it wasn’t ground properly. They had my car for 5 days, sanded our the pain and reattached it all then said it was fine. Less than 3 months and a few thousand miles later I had the exact same problem. Warning light comes on and then multiple other warning lights after…This time I knew to pull over right away before the engine failed. I had to have it towed in both times. The car is BRAND new….and frankly, feels super unsafe now that this has happened twice.” — TINK, MBWORLD.ORG

How Could a Class Action Lawsuit Help?

A class-action lawsuit could give Mercedes owners a chance to recover rental and repair costs, as well as compensation for being unable to use their vehicles. It can also force automaker to extend warranties and find a permanent fix for the issue. If you are experiencing problems with your 48V battery, we want to know.

Final Thoughts

If you are an automobile owner and have manufacturing issues, you can contact us regarding your involvement in this or any potential class-action lawsuit. Serious vehicle problems require serious legal representation, especially when you are bringing a claim against a major automaker. At the Lemon Firm, our experienced Attorneys have been able to successfully recover compensation for our clients who were sold a vehicle with manufacturer defects, and we can do the same for you. Call (833) Lemon-Firm to speak with a Lemon law expert today.