volkswagen steering wheel

Second Recall Issued for VW Atlas Steering Knuckle

By Nicole Halavi

Volkswagen has just issued a second recall concerning the Atlas steering knuckle, very shortly after the initial recall was issued in November 2020. The recall includes more than 10,300 SUVs at risk of losing control if the steering knuckles break.

Following the initial recall, VW discovered a certain batch of parts that may have been affected by the defective parts that caused the first recall. In October 2020, the supplier of the steering knuckles contacted VW about 2 parts that failed when the strut mounts were tightened. While an investigation revealed that the parts were built according to specification, engineers were unable to duplicate the failures.

The automaker investigated the consequences of driving with the steering knuckles and determined the faulty parts came from a batch called JD253. At this point, VW issued a relatively small recall of Atlas SUVs built with the JD253 steering knuckles.

Following this initial investigation, a subsequent investigation revealed an additional steering knuckle failure from a batch called JD254. This finding led the automaker to believe the faulty parts were mixed into 2 production batches.

As such, this second recall will include 2021 Atlas and 2020-2021 Atlas Cross Sport vehicles and is expected to begin on March 26, 2021. The automaker has apparently agreed to replace either one or both steering knuckles.

What Can I Do if I’m Driving an Atlas with a Faulty Steering Knuckle(s)?

If you are driving a VW that is exhibiting any of the issues discussed above concerning the faulty steering knuckles, California’s lemon laws are here to protect you and prevent any further complications. The attorneys at CCA are very knowledgeable about the issues associated with faulty steering knuckles and will work with you to fight back against the automaker.

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