subaru outback

Subaru Recalls 2021 Outback and Impreza

By Nicole Halavi

As of last month, Subaru is recalling nearly 400 model year 2021 Outback and Impreza vehicles because the continuously variable transmission (CVT) gear shifter cable nuts may not have been tightened properly. A loose cable nut can cause problems when operating the gear shifter.

The recall was set to begin on February 19, 2021.

What Can I Do if I’m Driving a Subaru Outback or Impreza?

If you are driving a Subaru that is exhibiting any of the issues discussed above concerning the gear shifter cable nuts, California’s lemon laws are here to protect you and prevent any further complications. The attorneys at CCA are very knowledgeable about the issues associated with cable nuts and will work with you to fight back against the automaker.

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