Honda Takata Airbags Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi

Recently, Honda was forced to pay out $5 million to settle allegations that the automaker failed to properly handle the deadly Takata airbags installed in 2001-2016 Honda vehicles. Reports show that most of the deaths from the exploding airbag inflators occurred in Honda vehicles, the last known death occurring in August 2020 after the Arizona driver of a 2002 Honda Civic was killed by shrapnel from the fractured airbag inflator.

Officials say that around 40,000 defective Takata airbags are still in vehicles on the road because many owners have yet to take their cars to the dealer for a free airbag inflator replacement. The settlement may award up to $2.1 million in gift cards to those drivers who haven’t had their Takata airbags replaced. The gift cards are essentially being used as an incentive to get these drivers to take their cars to the dealer for repairs.

The suit also alleges that Honda should have warned consumers about the defective airbags by September 2012, however the automaker did not do so until November 2015. Thus, because Arizona drivers have ignored the recall notices sent out over the last 5 years, Honda must dish out upwards of $2 million. The automaker will mail out $150 gift cards to owners of vehicles equipped with Alpha inflators, and $50 gift cards to owners of vehicles equipped with non-Alpha inflators.

Honda must also pay $650,000 to continue informing consumers of the recall and to encourage drivers to get their defective airbags replaced. The automaker is also obligated to pay $100,000 to Arizona for other outreach efforts and $500,000 as payment to the State. Lastly, Honda must pay restitution to more than 15,000 Arizona consumers who purchased a Honda or Acura vehicle equipped with these defective Takata airbags between September 2012 and November 2015.

What Can I Do if My Honda is Equipped With a Takata Airbag?

If you are driving a Honda equipped with a Takata airbag that is exhibiting any of the above-mentioned issues, California’s lemon laws are here to protect you and prevent any further complications. The attorneys at CCA are very knowledgeable about the defective Takata airbags in Honda vehicles discussed above and will work with you to fight back against the automaker.

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