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GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

By: Nicole Halavi

General Motors is a multinational corporation and has been America’s largest automobile manufacturer for years. It was founded in 1908 and has now grown to be one of the world’s largest multinational corporations specializing in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of vehicles across the globe. Despite its reputable position in the auto market, the automaker is facing several lawsuits concerning multiple issues regarding a defective ignition switch in various models.

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What is the Ignition Switch Defect in the GM Vehicles that Resulted in a Lawsuit against the Corporation?

According to numerous GM owners, they encountered issues with respect to the proper operation of their vehicle’s ignition switch. The ignition switch activates the vehicle’s electric system and starts the car when the key is turned. Most ignition switches are equipped with four different settings: Lock, Accessory, On, and Start. Normally, the switch will remain in the “On” setting for as long as the car is running. However, with a defective switch, the car will spontaneously shift into the “Accessory” mode. The main problem arises from the fact that the vehicle’s engine, airbags, and anti-lock braking system are disabled when the car is in “Accessory” mode. Clearly, this creates a major safety problem for a driver on the road.

While this issue is becoming more prevalent in certain GM models, there are claims that GM has been aware of it since 2001. In 2005, GM dodged a recall and, instead, issued a service bulletin to GM dealers. Apparently, they also withheld important information from federal authorities to avoid issuing the recall.

Ultimately, the recall was delayed for 13 years, and finally, in 2014, GM issued a recall and paid a $35 million fine to the Department of Transportation and a $900 million fine to the Department of Justice for concealing a potentially life-threatening defect.

GM has been fighting several ignition switch lawsuits for almost two decades now. The three main types of lawsuit filed against GM are:• Personal Injury
• Wrongful Death
• Class-Action
Several crash victims and their families have filed multiple suits against the corporation for injuries and wrongful death caused by the faulty ignition switch. Despite the issues stirred up and the lawsuits filed, only 10% of the people who raised their issues received some form of compensation.

What Can I Do if My GM Vehicle is Subject to Defective Ignition Switch Issues?

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