Chrysler Vehicle’s Frustrating and Dangerous Transmission Defects

By: Nicole Halavi

The lawyers at CCA have been helping clients whose Chrysler vehicles have exhibited transmission defects for years. Our clients have complained of a variety of transmission issues, including harsh shifts, poor acceleration, vehicle hesitation, jerky shifts, metal in the transmission fluid, and premature transmission failure. Transmission problems are particularly frustrating because, oftentimes, dealerships are unable to diagnose or repair such issues. Clients come to us frustrated because the dealership has repeatedly told them that there was “no problem found” or that the transmission is “operating as designed.” Fortunately, for such clients, California’s strong consumer protection laws protect consumers when automakers turn their backs on them.
If your Chrysler vehicle has been exhibiting any ongoing transmission issues or defects, CCA is here to help. We invite you to call our experts today for a free consultation: (833) LEMON-FIRM.
What are the Persistently Exhibited Transmission Issues in the Chrysler Models?
Recently, a class-action lawsuit was filed against FCA regarding a defect in the ZF 9HP 9-speed transmission that in several Chrysler models. The alleged transmission defect caused an array of issues such as unexpected jerks, lurches, harsh gear shifts, and sudden transmission failure. Consumers have also claimed that the transmission defect led to problems with the gear system, which then resulted in grinding and the inability to shift gears.
According to the lawsuit, the ZF 9HP 9-speed transmission system was intended to be an improvement of the older transmission models. The ZF 9HP 9-speed transmission boasts a unique design that promotes better performance and fuel economy while maintaining all of the benefits the older model displayed.
Other Chrysler customers also allege that the transmission defects caused problems with the accelerators, such as a sudden loss of power, and premature wearing of transmission components.
The lawsuit also expresses that the problems presented are not minor and will require expensive repairs or replacements of the defected transmission components.
An owner of the Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2L expressed his issues with the transmission as follows: “When driving my 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk in Yosemite, the transmission would not down shift below 4th gear even when I came to a complete stop. This has also happened when I was coming home from work, but the transmission would not shift below 5th gear.”
Another complaint from a user of the 2017 Renegade Trailhawk stated the following: “Transmission shifts rough, slams into gear, causes stalling. Have complained to three different dealers, Northwest Hills in Torrington, CT, Mitchell in Simsbury CT and Gengras in East Hartford. None of them have recorded the complaint and all of them have dismissed it as “transmission learning”, and tried to convince me that it is not a problem.”
Below is a list of vehicles included in the class action lawsuit filed against FCA:
• 2016-2019 Jeep Cherokee
• 2016-2019 Jeep Renegade
• 2016-2018 Chrysler 200
• 2016-2019 ProMaster City
What Can I Do if My Chrysler Model is Subject to Any of the Defects Discussed?
If your Chrysler has exhibited any of the transmission problems discussed above, such as rough gear shifting, sudden failures, and jerks, CCA’s lawyers are here to help – and at no cost to you! CCA is equipped with a team of lawyers who are trained to handle complicated lemon law cases and get you the relief that you deserve.
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