Alfred and Betty M. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our attorneys had the pleasure of representing Alfred and Betty M. in their case against Chrysler involving a 2013 Dodge Durango, purchased from Motor Village L.A. in August of 2013.  Unfortunately for Betty and Alfred, the vehicle developed electronics issues within the first year of ownership, and from there things got worse.  Notably, their Durango suffered transmission jerking and excessive revving, engine issues, no starts, and other serious problems throughout their ownership.  While Chrysler attempted to fix the vehicle numerous times, it was unable to do so.  After our attorneys stepped in, we were able to negotiate an exceptional settlement for Betty and Alfred, which included almost three times what they paid for the Durango.  As an added bonus, Chrysler ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to pay all of our clients’ attorney’s fees and costs.