Marlene and Dino D. v. FCA US, LLC

Los Angeles County

Our clients, Marlene and Dino D., are a teacher and firefighter from Ventura, California, who purchased a defective and unfixable 2011 Dodge Durango from Motor Village LA.  Their vehicle developed a series of strange electrical problems, including tail light issues, problems with the camera, check engine lights, and other such issues.  Frighteningly, at some point the vehicle began to stall out on them in addition to developing strange transmission issues which could not be duplicated by the dealership.  We litigated their case vigorously and were able to negotiate a substantial settlement equal to roughly three times their Lemon Law buy back from Chrysler.  In addition, as part of the settlement, Chrysler agreed to pay all of our clients’ attorney fees and costs, which were later awarded by the Court.