Chris and Regina G. v. FCA US, LLC

Riverside, California

Our clients Chris and Regina G. are a young couple that reside in Palm Desert, California.  At the time of their case, Chris was a student at the police academy while his wife was a student at Cal State University San Bernardino.  Chris and Regina purchased a 2011 Dodge Nitro used from their local Toyota dealership.  Like other used cars, they were covered by California’s Lemon Law because the Nitro was still covered by Chrysler’s powertrain warranty.  The Nitro developed a series of engine issues, for which our clients took the vehicle four different times to Crystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge, in Cathedral City, CA.  In spite of the numerous repair presentations and the many days that their vehicle spent out of service, Dodge stubbornly refused to voluntarily repurchase their vehicle.  When our attorneys stepped in, they were able to negotiate a substantial settlement with Dodge equal to over two and a half times what our clients paid for the vehicle and payment of al of our clients’ attorney fees and costs by Chrysler.