Douglas and Georgia S. v. FCA US LLC

San Luis Obispo County

Our clients Douglas and Georgia S. are a lovely elderly couple from Cambria, California that we represented with respect to their purchase of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee.  They purchased the vehicle hoping for years of peaceful and reliable enjoyment. They also looked forward to driving the Cherokee cross-country to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, prior to and during that trip, the vehicle presented with serious transmission and engine issues that the dealership was unable to fix. Douglas and Georgia became so frightened that they cut their trip short and returned straight home to the dealership.  They tried to resolve the vehicle’s problems, first, with their local dealership; but they were unable to fix the vehicle. Next, they attempted to resolve things directly with Chrysler, and Chrysler refused to do right by them. After our attorneys stepped in, we were able to obtain an excellent resolution of the case for them, including payment of all of their attorney’s fees and costs and a payment of nearly four-times what they paid for the vehicle.