David Z. and Julianne V. v. FCA US LLC

San Francisco County

Our clients, David Z. and Julianne V. are residents of Oakland, California and purchased a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee as a reward to themselves after successfully starting up their own new business. In spite of the vehicle costing over $55,000 when they purchased it from Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge, the vehicle quickly developed a series of problematic engine and transmission issues. David and Julianne took the vehicle in for service numerous times; but Chrysler was never able to conform the vehicle to warranty. Repeatedly, the authorized Chrysler technicians advised that nothing was wrong with their vehicle and it was “operating as designed.” The lawyers at CCA handled served as their counsel in binding arbitration against FCA. Ultimately, the arbitrator found in David and Julianne’s favor, awarding them three times what they paid for the vehicle. Later, the arbitrator also ordered that Chrysler pay all of our client’s attorney’s fees and costs.