Yan B. v. BMW North America 

Los Angeles County

Our client, Yan B. purchased a 2008 BMW X6 for nearly $90,000 in March of 2009.  The “Ultimate Driving Machine” turned into the “Ultimate Driving Disaster” when after only about 11,000 miles the X6 already started exhibiting serious engine issues.  The issues with the BMW X6 included overheating, low oil warning lights, abnormal odors, oil leaks, problems with the turbochargers, and check engine lights. Even after the factory warranty had expired, Yan B. continued to experience severe issues with the X6’s engine.  The X6 was a total disaster. We stepped in and were able to achieve a substantial settlement for the client, which included the return of all of the monies he paid for the vehicle, a significant civil penalty, and BMW paid all of his attorney’s fees and costs.