Rainier and Faye R. v. FCA US LLC

San Diego County

We represented Rainier and Faye R., a very nice couple from Chula Vista, California and their claims against Chrysler arising from the 2011 Dodge Durango, which they purchased back in 2012.  They hoped to enjoy this sports utility vehicle for years, and take it on long family trips. Instead, the vehicle presented them with numerous defects and gave them some serious headaches. The Dodge’s issues started out with a series of problems with the interior components, such as the navigation system, center console, and sun visor.  From there Rainier and Faye’s vehicle issues got much worse when they encountered engine issues, such as burning odors, engine stalls, no starts, and check engine lights. The vehicle also exhibited transmission shifting issues such as slipping and missed shifts. We were pleased to represent this family in their claim against Chrysler in San Diego Superior Court.  Ultimately, Rainier and Faye R. were able to achieve a substantial settlement, which included the return of all the monies that they paid for the vehicle and much more. Naturally, Chrysler also paid all of our bills and reimbursed all of their costs.