Nicholas & Adrian F. v. FCA US LLC

Shasta County

We had the pleasure of representing Nicholas and Adrian F, a nice couple from Redding, California in their claims against Chrysler arising from the problems they encountered with their 2011 Dodge Durango. Nicholas and Adrian purchased the Durango from Crown Motors and hoped to enjoy it for years of family trips and other adventures. Unfortunately for them, with only 2,000 on the vehicle, it repeatedly encountered transmission issues such as lagging, shuddering, and vibrations. They took the car to two different Chrysler dealerships, but neither of them was able to fix the vehicle. The vehicle also developed a wide variety of other issues. We represented Nicholas and Adrian F. in Shasta County Superior Court and were able to get them a substantial settlement from Chrysler. Not only did Chrysler reimburse them for 100% of what they paid for the car, Chrysler also paid them a significant civil penalty, and paid all of Nicholas and Adrian’s legal bills.