Mary J. v. Ford Motor Company

Stanislaus County

Our client, Mary J., purchased her 2013 Ford Focus from Heritage Ford, hoping for a reliable and economical mode of transportation to get her around for years to come. Unfortunately, her Focus was one of countless other vehicles that suffered from the disastrous Ford DPS6 transmission shudder. She found that her transmission would surge, shudder, hesitate, and make strange noises.  In spite of taking it to the Ford dealership numerous times, they were unable to fix her vehicle’s problems. When she called Ford’s customer service 1-800 number and asked them to take her car back, they told her, “no thanks.” Big mistake. We had the great pleasure of representing Mary J. in Stanislaus County Superior Court, and Ford settled her case for over five times what she paid for the car.  Naturally, Ford Motor Company also paid every dollar of Mary J.’s attorney’s fees and costs for her.