Maria and Jason M. v. Ford Motor Company

Imperial County

When is a truck more than just a truck? When it’s a total wreck!  Maria and Jason M. are a very nice mother and son from El Centro, California who we represented with respect to the purchase of their troubled 2008 Ford F-250.  After purchasing this vehicle, they found that the engine was completely unreliable because it would constantly leak coolant, make strange noises, display troubling warning lights, and sometimes simply not start.  Maria and Jason M. first tried to resolve their issues through the Better Business Bureau’s arbitration program but were unable to do so. We stepped in and handled their case against Ford Motor Company in Imperial County Superior Court.  Ultimately, we were able to achieve a remarkable settlement for them, which reimbursement of all of the monies that they paid for the 2008 Ford F-250, a civil penalty equal to roughly double what they paid for the vehicle. Naturally, our services came at no cost to Maria and Jason – Ford Motor Company also paid all of their attorney’s fees and costs.