Luis C. v. Ford Motor Company

Riverside County

Our client, Luis C. purchased a troubled 2012 Ford Fiesta in August of 2011 from Gosch Ford Lincoln.  Luis’s Fiesta was one of the countless Fords plagued by the troubled Ford DPS6 transmission. Like many other Ford customers, he found that the vehicle exhibited transmission grinding, hesitations, harsh shifts, shuddering, and other transmission issues.  Despite taking it in for service over six times, Ford was unable to correct Luis’s Fiesta’s problems. We had the great pleasure of representing Luis C. in his case against Ford Motor Company in Riverside County Superior Court. Thanks to our zealous advocacy, Ford Motor Company ultimately settled the case for over five times what Luis C. had paid for the Fiesta.  Naturally, Ford Motor Company also paid every dollar of Luis C.’s attorney’s fees and costs.