Lisa S. v. Ford Motor Company

Los Angeles County

Our client and friend, Lisa S. is a hard-working Anaheim resident that purchased a troubled 2011 Ford Fiesta in March of 2011 from Cerritos Ford Lincoln Mercury.  She was hoping for a reliable mode of transportation to get her to and from work; but instead found that the vehicle’s transmission would abruptly shudder, jump, and jerk in and out of gear.  The transmission jerks scared Lisa S. so much that she contacted Ford in the hopes they would voluntarily repurchase her vehicle from her. When they failed to do so, Lisa S. was forced to sue Ford Motor Company in Los Angeles County Superior Court.  Our research during the course of her case uncovered that hers was one of many 2011 Ford Fiestas that was built with an unreliable and defective transmission (known as the DPS6 transmission). Ultimately, we settled her case for a settlement for a substantial amount, which included return of all the monies she paid for the vehicle and a civil penalty equal to over double what she paid for the vehicle.  Of course, Ford Motor Company also paid 100% of Lisa S.’s attorney’s fees and costs.