Ligia A. v. FCA US LLC

Los Angeles County

Our client, Ligia A., a resident of Paramount, California, purchased a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge in May of 2013.  She hoped to enjoy the vehicle for years to come and take it on trips and rely on it as a daily driver. Instead, unfortunately, Ligia found that the Grand Cherokee exhibited a host of issues, such as check engine lights, numerous recalls, and engine fluid leaks. When she contacted Chrysler customer service directly for assistance with the car, they told her to take a hike.  We stepped in and assisted Ligia in her case against Chrysler in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Ultimately, Chrysler changed its tune and we settled her case with FCA agreeing to pay her back every dollar that she paid for her car, plus a significant civil penalty, plus all of her attorney’s fees and costs.