Joel M. v. FCA US LLC

Sacramento County

Joel M. was a resident of Mather, California that encountered severe issues with the 2013 Dodge Durango that he purchased.  The Durango suffered from electrical issues, blinking lights, safety recalls, and engine issues. At one point, Joel M. could no longer even rely on his vehicle to reliably get him to and from work, because it wouldn’t always start in the mornings.  Joel M. first tried to resolve his issues directly with Chrysler; but they refused to do right by their customer. Our attorneys represented in Sacramento County Superior Court against FCA US LLC. A short time later, we were able to settle Joel M.’s case for a substantial amount of money that included the return of all of the monies he paid for the troubled Dodge Durango, and a significant civil penalty. Chrysler also paid 100% of Joel M.’s attorney’s fees and costs.