Jerry and Jackie C. v. Kia Motors America

Kern County

We represented Jerry and Jackie C., a nice couple from Bakersfield, California with respect to their claims against Kia arising from a defective 2010 Kia Forte.  They had purchased the Kia from Haddad Dodge/Kia, and relied on Kia’s 10-year/ 100,000 mile warranty, hoping that the vehicle would give them years of reliable use.  Instead, they found that after about 30,000 miles the vehicle burned large amounts of oil, had flashing check engine lights, exhibited clanking noises when it was started, and suffered a host of other electrical and air conditioning issues.  Kia refused to make a reasonable settlement offer to Jerry and Jackie C., and we went to trial in Kern County Superior Court on their behalf. We won a complete victory for Jerry and Jackie C. and the Kern County jury ordered that Kia pay our clients all of their monies back and a full civil penalty equal to double what they paid for the car.  Later, the Court also ordered that Kia Motors America pay all of the attorney’s fees and costs that were incurred in achieving this remarkable result for our clients.