Jaime F. v. BMW North America

Los Angeles County

Our client, Jaime F., a Huntington Park resident, purchased a used 2012 BMW 3 Series in 2015 from Nick Alexander Imports.  Jaime’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” was labeled, “Certified Pre-Owned,” which led Jaime F. think that he was purchasing a reliable vehicle.  Unfortunately, what Jaime F. didn’t know that the vehicle suffered a long series of warranty issues even prior to his ownership of the BMW.  Once he bought the BMW 3 Series, things went from bad to worse and almost immediately the engine started leaking oil, smoking, and emitting a burning smell.  He asked BMW to do the right thing and buy his car back and they suggested that he go pound sand, instead. Our attorneys represented him against BMW in Los Angeles County Superior Court, and were able to achieve a significant settlement for Jaime F.  With the assistance of our attorneys, Jaime F. achieved the return of all the monies that he paid for his vehicle, payment of all of his attorney’s fees and costs, and payment of a significant civil penalty, as well.