Amparo M. v. BMW North America

Los Angeles County

Our client, Amparo M., purchased a used BMW X6 from Beverly Hills BMW back in 2013.  While she was hoping to own the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” instead, the vehicle turned out to be a total disaster.  She was constantly experiencing flashing warning lights, such as the check engine light, the oil light, and the temperature gauge going off.  Along with the alarming lights, the X6 also suffered numerous engine and suspension issues. Beverly Hills BMW couldn’t get it working right and BMW obstinately refused to buy it back.  Because BMW refused to provide our client Amparo M. with a reasonable settlement, we had to take them to trial. A jury of 12 in Los Angeles County Superior Court saw things our way and ordered that BMW reimburse Amparo M. for all of the monies she paid for the car, and imposed a civil penalty on BMW equal to approximately one and a half times what she paid for the car. Later, the Los Angeles Superior Court also ordered that BMW pay all of Amparo’s legal bills and costs.