Alan and Juliana N. v. FCA US LLC

Fresno County

Our clients, Alan and Juliana N. are a nice couple that reside in Sanger, California.  They purchased their 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Huntington Beach Chrysler Jeep and hoped to enjoy the vehicle for many years to come.  Things started off okay until at about 35,000 miles when the Grand Cherokee started suffering from a series of performance issues such as lacking power, not starting up in the morning, making strange noises, and being needed to go to the shop for a number of recalls.  We represented Alan and Juliana N. in their case against FCA in Orange County Superior Court and were able to negotiate a substantial settlement with Chrysler for them equal to approximately two and a half times what they paid for their Grand Cherokee. Additionally, Chrysler agreed that it would reimburse them for all of their attorney’s fees and costs incurred.